Academic Advising

The Office of Student Affairs provides educational support designed to enhance student learning at MCOM. Services are offered through individual consultation tailored to meet the individualized academic needs of the student and integrated with the course curricula.  Regularly scheduled small and large group sessions provide evidence-based learning  strategies to prepare and enhance academic performance. Services include study skills assessment along with intervention strategies, tutoring, ADA accommodations and preparation for licensure exams.

One-on-One Consultation

  • Confidential individual consultation regarding evidence-based study strategies, time management, and academic performance
  • Evaluate effectiveness of current study practices
  • Structured intervention to increase learning productivity and efficiency
  • Individual preparation for courses, clerkships, and licensure examinations
  • Referrals to on campus professionals
  • Information about resources to enhance learning
  • Assistance with learning disabilities
  • Individual Learning Assessments

Board Prep Review

  • Developing individualized Study Plans
  • Resources
  • Study Prep sessions by faculty and outside experts
  • Individualized support

Assessment/Individualized Educational Guidance and Planning

  • Study skills strategies
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Time management strategies
  • Reading
  • Resources
  • Additional support services