Appeal of a Failing Grade

Each Course Director has overall responsibility and authority for their course. Only the Course Director may assign a grade for the course. 

A student may appeal a course grade only in the instance of a failing grade (F). The appeal may be submitted in writing to the Program Director within ten (10) business days of notification of a failing grade (F). The appeal request should include all supporting facts and arguments and must cite the basis for the appeal. In addition, the appeal must provide sufficient and detailed information to support the appeal. If these conditions have been met, the Program Director will consider the following:
Whether new information regarding the student academic progress has been discovered, previously unknown to the student or Course Director;

  1. Whether there is an allegation of discrimination as determined by the appropriate institution (allegations of discrimination will be forwarded to the appropriate University office for investigation);
  2. Whether there is evidence of a procedural error in the Course Director’s assignment of the final grade; or
  3. Whether there is evidence that the Course Director acted in an arbitrary or capricious manner.

The Program Director may affirm or reject the course directors’ decision or refer the matter back to the course director for further consideration. The Program Director’s decision is final.