Campus Safety and Security

The Department of Public Safety and Security has several ways to ensure that the campus community remains a safe and secure learning environment, including CCTV surveillance cameras, an access-controlled facility, advanced fire control system, Alertus and RAVE Emergency Notification systems in Colorado and RAVE system in Utah, as well as officer patrols and escorts. The Security team is committed to providing safety and security services in a professional and consistent manner. RVU strives to provide these services with integrity, timely communication, and problem-solving. The Security Department serves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide patrols, escorts, investigations, crime prevention, and many other services. Students, staff, or faculty who witness a crime, accident, emergency, or suspicious person should promptly call the Security Department at (720) 875-2892 in Colorado or (435) 222-1300 in Utah or 911. The Security Department should be informed of any 911 calls so assistance can be provided to the local law enforcement or fire personnel. 

Students, staff, and faculty will receive emergency notifications, including campus closures and weather delays via SMS text messages and email notifications. In the event a Timely Warning Notice is issued, the campus community will be notified as soon as possible through our Emergency Notification Systems in the form of SMS text messages, email, Alertus audible announcement beacons, and/or bull horn/public address system. Students, staff, and faculty will receive a text message notification of RVU campus closures or emergencies.