Career Advising

Career planning is an essential, exciting and often anxiety provoking aspect of being a medical student. Montana College of Osteopathic Medicine hopes to alleviate that anxiety by providing information, resources and career guidance to students from admissions through all the years of medical school.

Career Development is a developmental process that includes 4 steps:

  • Understanding Yourself
  • Exploring Options
  • Choosing a Specialty
  • Preparing for residency

MCOM Career advisors offer a holistic approach towards helping students prepare for fulfilling careers in Osteopathic Medicine. Career advisors work collaboratively with students to answer questions and concerns regarding the career decision-making process. Career-specific programing and individualized career counseling sessions help students understand their own preferences and interests, learn about the 160+ specialties, and create and build CVs in their pre-clinical years, and, during clinical years, understand competitiveness for specialties, prepare for audition externships, interviews, and residency. Students are directed to useful resources to achieve professional and personal goals and develop meaningful careers.