Rocky Vista University and Regis University MSBS Collaboration

RVUCOM will hold up to ten interview seats each year for students graduating from the MSBS program at Regis University. To be eligible for admission, students must:

  • Meet the minimum admissions requirements set forth by RVUCOM;

  • Be on target for completion of the Regis MSBS degree requirements;

  • Achieve a minimum GPA of 3.4 in the Regis MSBS program;

  • Inform the Regis MSBS program director of their interest in being considered;

  • Demonstrate understanding and interest in osteopathic medicine and preference for RVUCOM’s program;

  • Receive excellent feedback from their clerkship supervisor;

  • Demonstrate professionalism throughout their time at Regis

Students recommended to RVUCOM by Regis will be required to submit an AACOMAS application in June immediately following graduation from the MSBS program. Recommended students will not be required to submit a supplemental application. Interviews will be granted in September. (Note: interview does not guarantee acceptance into RVUCOM.)