Corrective Actions

Corrective action is how the DNAP program assesses the student’s ability to provide efficient operations and quality customer service to all patients and other customers. Policies, procedures, standards, and protocols are the guidelines by which all students are expected to function. This method ensures a fair and impartial review of all incidents and situations that may warrant corrective action against a student. The primary intent of all action, short of termination, is to correct unusual or unsatisfactory behavior or performance on the part of the student and prevent similar or repetitive violations in the future.

The DNAP’s policy is to respond to student reports of activities contrary to applicable laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies or procedures that govern Rocky Vista University or its business associates. This policy will be formally instituted and address inappropriate behavior or substandard performance.  Formal corrective action (as defined below) will be issued when all management attempts to coach, set examples, and support the student have failed to produce necessary changes in student behavior. This policy aims to produce necessary changes in student behavior and performance, assure equity, and safeguard the clinical sites’ patients and resources.

It is recognized that there will be occasions when corrective action will include student termination. Instances of inappropriate behavior on the part of any student may immediately lead to written counseling or suspension, depending on the severity of the circumstance. Strict adherence to sequential corrective action steps is neither required nor implied by this policy.

Nothing in this policy and procedure will be so construed as to create, imply, or affect any student contract, or define justifiable termination, or supersede the “at will” relationship between each student and the DNAP program.