COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

This policy ensures student compliance with the mandate that all students attending RVU are vaccinated for specified communicable diseases (e.g. COVID-19) or receive an exemption for medical or religious reasons.

RVU students include students attending any RVU program at any of the RVU locations. Communicable disease references a disease that is transmissible by contact with infected individuals or their bodily discharges or fluids by contact with contaminated surfaces or objects, by ingestion of contaminated food or water, or by direct or indirect contact with disease vectors.

To ensure the safety of the RVU Community, all students are required to provide proof of vaccination from COVID-19 (or other disease specified by the university) or receive an approved exemption for medical or religious reasons. Deadlines for compliance will be determined and announced by the university. The Office of Enrollment Management in conjunction with Deans/Program Directors will be responsible for ensuring student compliance. 

  1. Proof of vaccination: All students will upload their vaccine card in SentryMD (COM clinical students are encouraged to upload their information into SentryMD, but may simply upload their information into NewInnovations as required by Clinical Education).
  2. Students requesting exemptions for medical or religious reasons will complete the form located in SentryMD. Requests will be evaluated and students will be advised of their status within one week of submitting their request. Enrollment Management will forward approved exemptions to the Registrar and to the individual programs. 
  3. Incoming students who are accepted within a month of matriculation, will have up to 7 weeks to be compliant with showing proof of vaccination. 
  4. Students who have approved exemptions will be required to complete the Attestation Form each morning prior to coming on campus. While on campus they will need to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing whenever possible. Students who are out of compliance may be subject to an honor code violation (COM/MSBS) or a professional notation on their Professional Development Assessment Tool (PA). 
  5. Students must upload proof of vaccination as directed by the university/program. Those receiving an exemption must reapply (resubmit the request form) each year that the vaccine is required. 
  6. Students receiving exemptions understand that an approved exemption does not guarantee that exemptions will be granted by all clinical sites.