Dermatology/Pathology (DERM/PATH)

The Dermatology/Pathology ACO is formed of RVU students that are interested in learning more about pathology—a specialty of medicine that is dedicated to the study of disease, the processes of disease, and how departure from the normal inner workings of the body impact the person as a whole. Students will be introduced to the overview of pathology as a medical specialty and learn what pathology will encompass in the academic environment. DERM/PATH endeavors to introduce students to current pathological issues through events, speakers, and journal ACO presentations.  DERM/PATH also focuses on bringing to light pathology residency options (with attention to COMLEX and USMLE scores and test differences), potential shadowing experiences, presentations of gross specimens throughout the academic semester, student tutoring, fundraising for humanitarian and research causes, and the delicate balance between the practice of medicine and the pathology behind it.  Any current student or entering student is encouraged and welcome to join DERM/PATH if they are considering pathology as a specialty, are interested in delving further into the realms of pathology, or would like to enhance their academic learning!