Educational Learning Services

Educational support is available to all students. Services are provided to all students who may be experiencing academic difficulty and to students who wish to enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of their study and test-taking strategies. Services are offered through individual consultation tailored to identify potential problem areas and provide strategies/resources which meet each student’s specific needs and are integrated with the course curricula.

Individual Consultation

  • Confidential, individualized consultation regarding learning styles, time management, test-taking strategies, and academic performance;
  • Diagnostic evaluation of study practices and their effectiveness;
  • Structured intervention strategies to increase learning productivity and efficiency;
  • Individual preparation for courses, clerkships, and licensure examinations; 
  • Referrals to on- and off-campus professionals;
  • Information about resources to enhance learning; and 
  • Learning disabilities and ADA Accommodations.

Workshops, large and small group sessions 

  • Effective study strategies, test taking, and time management; and
  • Strategy and resource preparation strategies for comprehensive examinations (such as COMLEX and USMLE).


Tutors are a vital part of RVU and a valuable resource for all students. The tutoring program provides support for students within each course. Student tutors have a strong level of understanding/competence of the course content and are available at no charge. Tutoring sessions are available in one on one, small group, and large group sessions. For questions about the tutoring program or assistance with scheduling, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Educational Support Services are free of charge for RVU students. Students may contact the Office of Student Affairs to request educational support services.