Grade Change Policy

Grades submitted by faculty and/or course or program directors at the end of a course or semester are final and not subject to change by reason of revision of judgment on the part of these individuals.  A new exam or additional work undertaken or completed after the grade report has been recorded or retaking the course will not pose a basis for changing a grade. Faculty members are under no obligation to accept late or additional work - except for accommodations made for pregnant and parenting students or those with disabililities (temporary or permanent) as approved by the Student Affairs Disability Officer.

The grade change process may only be used to correct a grade due to:

  • Correction of an error in grading;
  • Grade appeal (please see individual program policies for grade appeals processes);
  • An “incomplete” previously recorded for the course;
  • Remediation of a course.

Students will have ten (10) business days following the posting of final course grades, exclusive of institution-recognized holidays or breaks, to appeal a grade. 

Grade changes may be submitted by the appropriate faculty member to the Office of the Registrar via the Grade Change Request form, found on the iNet under the Staff/Faculty Forms section. All fields must be completed correctly and the form submitted within thirty (30) business days following the event which necessitates the grade change (error found, appeal decision, resolution of an incomplete, or completion of a remediation). Upon receipt, the Registrar will review the request, consult with the requesting faculty member for any clarifications, as needed, and confirm once the change is made.