Honor Code Committee

The Honor Code Committee is composed of student representatives from the DO program (first year, second year, and clinical years), the MSBS program, and the PA program. All student representatives are elected by their respective classmates. The Associate/Assistant Dean of Student Affairs chairs the Honor Code Committee and may ask any student to appear before the Honor Code Committee for cause. For more egregious violations, the student may be required to meet with the Student Performance Committee (SPC).

  • The student shall receive adequate notice of the time, place, and subject of the meeting. Such written notice may be in the form of an official University email, U.S. mail, or hand delivery.
  • Appearance before the Honor Code Committee is mandatory.  
  • In cases with alleged egregious actions, as determined at the sole discretion of the Chair, legal representation at the hearing may be allowed. This is not a formal legal hearing; thus, rules of civil procedure and evidence do not apply.  Counsel may not proffer statements or questions, although notes to his or her client are permitted. The University reserves the right to have its own legal counsel present.   
  • The names of all witnesses must be provided to the Associate/Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in advance of the hearing. Any witnesses will be called to speak to the Committee individually. Witnesses may be asked to remain outside the meeting room for later recall. The student will not be present during the questioning of any witnesses. The Chair of the Committee reserves the right to call additional witnesses.
  • The student will be given the opportunity to present his or her statements to the Committee and to respond to any questions. The student will only be present during his or her statement unless otherwise approved by the Chair.
  • The Dean (DO program) or the respective Program Director (MSBS program or PA program) shall review the Honor Code Committee’s recommendations and may either accept, reject, or modify the recommendations. The student shall be notified of the Dean or Program Director’s decision by U.S. mail or personal delivery within ten business days.
  • Student can appeal based on the process outlined below.