Make-Up Examinations

Examinations are stressful; general anxiety/stress/nervousness does not qualify as a medical excuse. Only a DSM diagnosis by a licensed physician (DO or MD) will be accepted. A student who does not take an examination at its scheduled time and is appropriately excused per the Program Director approval may be allowed to take a make-up examination, if eligible. Make-up examinations will be of comparable difficulty to the original examination, but may use short answer, essay, oral or multiple-choice formats at the Course Director’s discretion. The policies for examinations will pertain to all makeup examinations. In the interim, the student will have a grade of incomplete (IN) for the course. Any exception will be made solely at the Program Director’s discretion. If the student misses a scheduled make-up examination, he or she will receive a zero for that examination. 

The Absence Notification and Approval Form is available on the RVU iNet.