Course and Faculty Evaluations

Each student has a responsibility to provide constructive evaluation for the courses and the instructors. This responsibility may be met in part by participation in course evaluations that are required by the University. Students will be expected to comply with any specific requirements for completing course and faculty evaluations outlined by their individual Programs. The University expects each student to comply with this responsibility and obligation in a constructive, professional manner so that optimal feedback can be provided. The student’s input will help improve the educational effectiveness of the curriculum, as well as assist faculty members by providing them with constructive input.  

In compliance with accrediting bodies (HLC, ARC-PA, and COCA), the evaluation process is conducted confidentially for all programs, including all courses, and clinical clerkships/rotations. Evaluative comments are shared with the appropriate faculty and administrators, and the identity of the students and their connected comments is normally kept confidential. However, there are parameters in which the identity of a student in any program may be discovered. In rare cases where a student implicitly or explicitly suggests or threatens harm towards themselves or others or reports an unprofessional, discriminatory, dangerous, or illegal clinical environment the identity of that student and their connected feedback/comments can be revealed.