Understanding how Rocky Vista University calculates grades, quality points, class rank, and academic standing is important throughout enrollment.   

Explanation of Grades

The Preclinical Curriculum: MCOM requires a score of 70 or above to pass all courses; any score below 70.0 is failing.   

Final course grades on the student’s transcript will only be shown as an Honors (“H”), Pass (“P”), or Fail (“F”) grade. For numerically scored courses, any student achieving a score ≥ 90.0% will receive an Honors (“H”) course grade on the transcript. Students scoring between 70.0 and 89.9% will receive Pass (“P”) course grade on the transcript. Those receiving a score of < 70.0% will receive a Fail (“F”) course grade on the transcript. By convention, the Learning Management System (LMS) reports a 3-digit numeric score to represent the final course score percentage and is converted to an H, P, or F on the transcript. For example, an "89.9%" course score is submitted by the LMS as a "899" and reported on the transcript as a "P". Some courses at MCOM do not accumulate numeric scores. For these courses, an Honors, Pass or Fail is assigned not only for the transcript but also for the course, and these grades do not contribute to the determination of quality points or class rank.    

For the majority of MCOM courses in the preclinical years, if an overall course mean falls below 83%, whole raw course points will be added to each student's overall course grade such that the course mean is adjusted to as close to an 83% as possible, without exceeding an 83%.