Impaired Student Policy

The safety and welfare of patients demands that all healthcare providers perform at the highest level of cognitive ability. The illegal use or abuse of drugs or alcohol impairs the ability of a healthcare professional to provide optimal care and may impact the student’s future ability to be licensed as a healthcare provider, at a state’s discretion. Please check applicable state laws. Although the use of marijuana is legal in the states of Colorado and Montana, it is listed as an illegal drug by the U.S. Federal Drug Enforcement Agency. As such, the use of marijuana in any form that has not been prescribed by a physician for medical purposes is a violation of University policy.

All students, as a condition of enrollment at Rocky Vista University, must agree to abide by the University’s Impaired Student Policy. Under this policy, students who are identified as suffering from substance abuse or addiction or who exhibit symptoms suggestive of impairment, either on campus or at one of its affiliates, are subject to immediate drug and alcohol screening and may be referred for further evaluation and treatment. Students undergoing further evaluation and treatment as indicated are protected by confidentiality of services. Refusal of a mandatory drug and alcohol screen will be grounds for immediate dismissal by the Dean or the Provost. 

Any member of the University community who observes a student with symptoms suggestive of impairment, substance abuse, or addiction must report the matter to the Associate/Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or the Provost immediately.