Interview Process

Applicants' academic qualifications will be pre-screened by the RVU-MCOM Office of Admissions and interviews will be offered to competitive applicants. Applicant interviews will be conducted virtually and an official campus visit day will be offered to accepted students. The virtual interviews will be approximately 40 minutes in length conducted by a two-person panel of the RVU-MCOM team.. Interviewers will have access to the applicant’s personal statement, supplemental application, and letters of recommendation. However, the interviewers will be blinded to the applicants’ grades and MCAT scores. All interviewers’ recommendations will be evaluated post-interview by the RVU-MCOM Admissions Committee with the final decision made by the Dean.

Interviewing candidates are required to read and sign an acknowledgement that they:

  • Meet the technical standards (any questions pertaining to whether a standard is met or if reasonable accommodations are required, must be addressed with the Associate Dean of Student Affairs).
  • Have read, understand, and agree to adhere to the policy set forth in the statement for students of RVU-MCOM regarding physical exposure in classroom activities and participation in osteopathic manipulative medicine and physical exam courses.
  • Understand and agree to adhere to RVU-MCOM's Code of Student Conduct/academic responsibility and code of behavioral conduct.
  • Understand they will undergo a criminal background check as part of their matriculation agreement. Note: Candidates are additionally required to disclose all charges that may occur prior to matriculation. Failure to disclose any and all charges regardless of adjudication may result in rescinding of the offer of admission or dismissal after matriculation.
  • Understand they will undergo and must pass a drug screen as a condition of matriculation.

The Admissions Committee meets at least once a month to make a recommendation to the Dean relative to each applicant’s status.  The recommendation can be to offer an acceptance, to place the applicant on the alternate list, or to deny admission. The final decision will be made by the Dean.