Student ID Badge Policy

University policy requires all students obtain and carry their RVU Student ID Badge while on campus. It is primarily used for identification, entry into the RVU buildings, for verification of RVU status, and for using University services, such as access to the building. The badge may be obtained at the Security Office on each campus.

Completion of the Critical Student Information Survey is required to obtain the RVU Student ID Badge. Use of the badge by anyone other than the person to whom it was issued is strictly prohibited. The cardholder is responsible for any and all losses associated with their card. RVU Student ID Badges are the property of RVU and must be returned on request. 

It is the responsibility of the University to ensure the safety and security of all its students and employees. All students are expected to wear their RVU ID Badge at all times when in RVU buildings. Current students may request the replacement of ID badges according to the following information.

Campus Safety and Security will issue one (1) ID badge at no charge to current employees and students; however, subsequent requests to replace additional ID badges will result in a fee of $10 each. Replacement for ID badges will be referred to the Safety and Security Department and payment will be made through the Finance Department prior to the creation of a new ID badge.