Professionalism Committee

The purpose of this committee is to serve as a focus of expertise and as a resource for recognizing exemplary professional behavior and for monitoring and improving lapses of professional behavior in students.  The committee will manage lapses in student professionalism across all years of instruction.  The primary function of the committee is to review Professionalism Improvement forms that have been submitted to the chair, gather information about the incident or issue, and offer a recommendation for remediation as appropriate.  The committee will also monitor outcomes of remediation.  Repeated or serious lapses, or failure to engage in remediation, may be reported to the Student Performance Committee (SPC) for further disciplinary action.  The committee will also review exemplary professionalism forms and recognize outstanding examples of professionalism among students.

Examples of unprofessional behaviors that would warrant further action include repeated tardiness; non-inclusive or discriminatory behavior, offensive or inappropriate use of language, unexcused absence from a required activity; disruptive behavior in the classroom, clinical setting, or administrative setting; academic dishonesty; abdication of responsibility for patients, harassment, or violence.