Remediation of a Course


If a preclinical student receives approval to remediate a course failure, they, in conjunction with the Director of Preclinical Education, the Course Director, and the Office of Testing will be required to develop a remediation plan and schedule. Remediation examinations must be proctored by an RVU employee or designee. Preclinical remediations must be completed by July 1 of the current academic year.  

In Years 3 and 4, students who fail a course will be referred to the Assistant Dean of Clinical Education (or their designee). In many cases, the remediation plan will be decided between the Assistant Dean of Clinical Education (or their designee) and the student. However, the Assistant Dean of Clinical Education (or their designee) may refer the student to the SPC. In such cases, if SPC recommends remediation of the course and the recommendation is upheld by the Dean, then a remediation plan will be created by the Assistant Dean of Clinical Education (or their designee).  


MCOM follows AAMC guidelines regarding transparency of academic records for medical students. Any student who successfully remediates a course failure will have their transcript notated with the Grade Code of ‘NX’ and a Grade of ‘PX’ to indicate a successful remediation has taken place. For Quality Point (used in class rank and GPA calculation), a 70.00 multiplied by the course credit hours will be awarded for successfully remediated pre-clinical courses.  

Remediation examinations for course failures in OMS I and OMS II must be successfully completed before a student can advance to the next stage of the curriculum. In the event the remediation of a course is failed or not completed, the original course grade shall be recorded on the transcript with the original course Grade Code. Any student who fails a remediation will be referred to the Student Performance Committee and may be subject to dismissal.