Marketing and Communications

The RVU Marketing Department provides many services for members of the RVU community:

Hometown News Program

Upon matriculation and graduation, students will be given the opportunity to have a press release written about their accomplishment and sent to their hometown newspaper of choice. Students will receive information on the Hometown News program via email. It can also be accessed by sending an email to

Press Releases

If students, faculty, or staff would like to have a press release created and distributed about an event, accomplishment (either individually or departmentally), please contact

Vista View Newsletter

The Vista View is a quarterly publication that is produced by the Marketing Department with the intention of communicating news, events, and accomplishments to the entire RVU community. Students and employees are encouraged to send in information about any accomplishments (such as posters, presentations, publications) and milestones (engagements, marriage, births) to

Event Marketing

When students or clubs are holding events, they can contact Marketing for assistance in planning, materials (such as fliers), and/or social media and regular media marketing.


The Marketing Department will be happy to provide photography services for student events. Please notify Marketing of the event at least two weeks in advance to ensure adequate coverage.

Apparel and Products

Marketing approval is required for any apparel or merchandise that students or employees would like to produce that uses the RVU logo, wordmark, mascot, or any other reference to the University or its programs. The Marketing Department will ensure compliance in several areas:

  • The RVU logo or wordmark, if used, has not been tampered with, distorted, or changed in any way. This policy is true for fliers and graphics created by students as well. 
  • If a one-color logo or wordmark is used, it must be one of six colors: black, white, gray, RVU red, RVU tan, or RVU cream.
  • If one of the following words/phrases appear—Rocky Vista University, RVU, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, RVUCOM, RVUCOM-SU, RVU PA, Physician Assistant Program, MSBS—that it be one of the following fonts: Michaelangelo, Arial, Palatino Linotype, or Bell MT. If none of these choices are available, similfont options will be considered and must be approved by the Marketing Department. 
  • Additionally, if any of these phrases are used, they must be one of the six official colors (listed above).
  • If using RVU, RVU PA, MSBS, RVUCOM, they must be in all capital letters. 
  • When using RVU abbreviation, COM or PA must also be abbreviated. Likewise, when writing out "Rocky Vista University" in full, "College of Osteopathic Medicine" or "Physician Assistant Program" must also be written out in full.


The Marketing Department is responsible for maintaining and updating the RVU website. If a student or employee has suggestions or revisions for the website, they should contact Any revisions or suggestions is subject to the Website Policy, which can be accessed at DynamicPolicy