Tracks are optional, curricular programs, outside of the core curriculum, offered through the Department of Tracks Electives. Tracks will appear on the student’s transcript as a Concentration. There is an application process for all Tracks. The educational objectives and contents of each Track are in addition to the required core curricula and are outlined in the Track syllabi. Students may apply to one or more of the tracks towards the end of their first semester. However, they can only participate in one track. If accepted into a track, students are expected to attend all track classes and related labs in addition to the core curriculum of RVU-MCOM.

A student will stay in their chosen track through the duration of their education unless they withdraw voluntarily, are withdrawn due to violation of the track requirements, or are in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility as presented in the RVU Student Handbook and Catalog. Students who are repeating for academic reasons are not eligible for a track.  

Applications for all tracks open in the fall and close towards the end of the semester. The tracks start in January of the OMS I year and follow the course of the student’s education.    

Tracks are graded on an Honor/Pass/Fail basis. Each track will have its own requirements for acceptance and what constitutes a Pass or Honor grade. Please refer to each specific track's syllabus for the grading requirements.  

Track options may vary at each location.  

Academic Medicine and Leadership Track  

The Academic Medicine and Leadership Track is for students interested in receiving specialized training in various areas of academics and leadership development. With the expansion of medical schools and residency programs, there is a growing demand for well-trained academicians and faculty. There is also a need for physician leaders in health policy, healthcare management, hospital management, medical education, graduate medical education, and beyond to help shape healthcare in America. Students in this specialty track will learn about various, multi-faceted topics in academics, medical education, organized medicine, health policy, and leadership development. Students will also be trained in useful skills such as public speaking, presenting, meeting management, Robert's Rules, leadership styles, and individualized leadership analysis. The goal is to groom students to be strong candidates for leadership and academic positions in the future and to make them successful in these positions when they are selected for them.   

Military Medicine Program

The Military Medicine Program is primarily for students who are slated to enter active duty service with the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. Most students in this pathway have typically earned a scholarship to attend RVUCOM-CO or RVUCOM-UT through the United States Army, United States Air Force, or the United States Navy. As such, they have acquired a service obligation of varying length to the branch of the military funding their education. On occasion, other RVU students who are a part of a Guard or Reserve Unit, or those considering military service or with prior military experience may constitute some of the Military Medicine Program members. These students should exhibit a high level of academic achievement and express a strong interest in becoming a United States military physician and a part of the RVU Military curriculum. This course provides an overview and introduction to military medicine.

The Military Medicine Program will incorporate immersion-based reality training, surgical simulation, information sessions, and experiences related to Medical Corps Officer military obligations, leader-ship/discipline, harsh military environments/field exercises, disaster stabilization/evacuation, and triage in combat environments on land, sea, and air. Liaison with community and national leaders/military officers at U.S. posts, bases, medical centers, hospitals, and others sites occurs in order to achieve the goals and objectives of this Program.

This Program spans a total of 3.5 years of the members’ core educational experience at RVU, beginning in the second semester of the first year.