Tutoring Services

Given the challenges inherent in processing the volume and complexity of medical school content, efficiency becomes a highly valued tool for creating a manageable flow and sense of balance. The Montana College of Osteopathic Medicine’s (MCOM) Tutoring Services exist as one of the more powerful (and free) efficiency resources available.

The team of MCOM Tutors are brought together by a shared demonstration of academic excellence in pre-clinical courses, interest in medical education, and supporting the efforts of peers. Members see themselves serving in a consultative capacity to assist Tutees in their efforts. In this regard, effort is made to tailor services in a way that uses learning strategies to meet the needs of pre-clinical students.

Services Offered

  • One-to-One Virtual Consultation: Every learner is unique, and Individual Course Tutors (ICT) are available to provide customized assistance. To schedule an appointment with an ICT, access Navigate.
  • Topic Review Presentations: Tutors will present weekly ‘high yield’ topic review content at the end of each week, tips, and considerations for success. Watch for announcements regarding dates and times for topic review content in the Teams MCOM Tutor Hub.
  • Virtual Semester Preview Sessions: To help students anticipate specific challenges and needs of courses, tutors provide informative sessions at the beginning of each term or block with helpful information, resources, and tips for success. Watch for announcements regarding dates and times.

 Getting the Most From Your Tutoring Session

  1. Attempt the material on your own first:A case study, SDL, or homework problem can be intimidating to start, but we would encourage you to do as much as possible before the session even if you only read the questions. That way, you will know where you are getting stuck. 
  2. Start with a growth mindset:Some students believe their intelligence, strengths, or talents in a subject are fixed and static. We would encourage you to adopt a growth mindset. RVU MCOM Tutoring Services believes all of us can develop our skills and becoming better through dedication and effort. Believing that you are capable of learning and understanding goes a long way in helping you work through the problem. 
  3. Be patient:Learning new material takes time; your brain needs to develop new connections and needs to process new information into your long-term memory. Stick with it and forgive yourself if understanding doesn't come easily or takes you longer than expected. 
  4. Be resourceful: Tutoring is just one resource available on campus, and sometimes, knowing who and where you can ask your question half the battle. You can go your Tutors, instructors, the library, ScholarRX, PERs, study groups, peers who have taken the class before, and tutoring resources within Learning and Educational Programs with questions regarding your There are also other materials you can consult like QBanksearches, MyVista, condensed notes, topic review slides, Panopto videos, or other SDL to help you learn the material in other ways more beneficial to your learning strategies.  
  5. Establish positive study habits: There are certain study habits that may have been successful in the past but will not serve you well at RVU MCOM. Cramming the night before an exam or seeking help too late may lead to frustration, and you may not get through all the material you need. Plan your time accordingly, and ask our tutors or your Educational Learning Specialistto learn more about efficient, evidence-based learning  
  6. Set realistic expectations:You may have a thousand questions you have for your T However, sessions may last between 45 minutes to an hour, which may not give you time to work on everything you may want to. Come to the session with a set of priorities and an agenda. Consider what can be reasonably accomplished in the time you have.  
  7. Take Responsibility of your Performance: Our Tutors act as guides, but they are ultimately not responsible for your performance in the class. We do not guarantee letter grades for visits with Tutoring Services. Your Tutor may guide you a certain way, but it is always your choice to listen to any advice that they may offer. Going to tutoring is just one contributing factor to someone’s final grade, and we encourage you to use as many resources as possible to continue growing and to own the work you do.

What to Expect from Your Session

Our Tutors do not complete homework, quizzes, or exams for students. Instead, Tutors will: 

  • Collaboratively work with students by asking appropriate questions.
  • Act as guides through a problem rather than fix or check a problem for a student.
  • Assist with the learning process. 
  • Coach students on systems content presented by the student.
  • Provide constructive feedback while the student makes their own changes.

To contact the tutoring team, please email mttutoring@rvu.edu or email Educational Learning Specialist, Kelsey Hulgan at khulgan@rvu.edu.