Program Governance and Operation

The Master of Medical Sciences (MMS) program will be governed by the Dean of the Montana College of Osteopathic Medicine through the Program Director and others assigned to leadership roles.  Unless otherwise noted, program academics, operations, and administration will be carried out in collaboration with and under the direction of applicable departments within the Montana College of Osteopathic Medicine and will follow their policies and procedures.


  • The MCOM DO Curriculum Committee (DOCC) will provide oversight for the MMS curriculum.
  • MMS students will be governed by the MCOM student handbook.
  • The MCOM Student Performance Committee (SPC) is responsible for students in the MMS and DO programs.
  • Results of the MMS Program Assessment Plan will be reported to the DOCC, Program leadership, and the MCOM Dean.
  • The DO Admissions Committee will review applicants and make recommendations for admission to the Program Director and Dean.