Remediation and Repeating of Courses

If an individual course is failed, the student may be recommended to remediate or repeat that course, as determined by the SPC. The creation of remediation exams and/or remediation assignments will be up to the discretion of individual course directors.

Course remediation will occur before the end of the semester in which the failed course was scheduled. Students who successfully remediate a course failure will receive a grade of a C. The grade achieved by remediation will be recorded on the transcript next to the original grade. Any student who fails a remediation will return to the SPC. The SPC may recommend that the student repeat the course the following school year or may recommend that the student be dismissed from the program, subject to appeal to the Dean of MCOM.

If a student is directed to repeat a course, the grade for the repeated course will be recorded on the official transcript. The original grade received in a course will not count toward the student’s GPA, but the original grade will continue to be included in the transcript. A course may not be repeated unless recommended by the SPC and Program Director.