MOM 5580 : Independent Study- Caring for the Underserved

Credits 0.5

Students’ interests are wonderfully diverse and varied. This makes it challenging for MCOM to provide sufficient instruction on all the potential desired topics within the time allotted for instruction. In response to this common challenge, this elective course permits the enrolled students to select a single subtopic within the GRWUT track (Global Medicine, Rural Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, Urban Underserved, or Tribal Medicine) with which they will design a focused study, MOM 5580 Page 2 of 8 customized to their own interests and educational needs (see Appendix B). Once enrolled in the course, the student meets with the course director to define the timeline for course completion (typically 2-4 weeks), course learning objectives (CLOs), PLOs, EPAs, resources, and method of assessment. Students communicate regularly with the course director to provide progress updates at the agreed-upon intervals. The course concludes upon successful achievement of the CLOs, completion of the assessment, and an exit interview with the course director.