The “at risk” notification to the student is the Program’s due diligence in making the student aware of their unsatisfactory status and is issued by the Student Assessment & Promotions Committee. "At risk" indicates a student is at risk for not being promoted to the next semester. 

An "at risk" notification may be rendered when the student has:

  • Failed two or more exams;
  • Scored below expected levels of performance on assignments;
  • Has achieved an unacceptable professionalism rating; and/or
  • Is mathematically at risk for failing one or more courses.

Students receiving "at risk" notifications from the SAPC may:

  • Be required to step down from elected or appointed student leadership positions;
  • Not participate in elective clinical courses;
  • Be placed with clinical preceptors in Colorado and well-known to the Program; and/or
  • Be subject to loss of scholarship funds;
  • Be required to meet with the Student Success Facilitator as determined by the course director or SAPC.