Clinical Site Evaluation

The Program is responsible for ensuring the proper and adequate education of all of its students on clinical rotations. The Program engages in a robust and ongoing evaluation of each preceptor and clinical site to which students are assigned to ensure that each preceptor and site meet Program expectations for learning outcomes and performance evaluation measures. RVU clinical faculty routinely visit each active clinical site to assess the site, preceptors, and students. These visits may be announced or unannounced. Should a site or preceptor at any time be deemed inadequate, the Program may remove current students from the rotation and will not schedule future students until site is re-evaluated and found acceptable.

If a student believes there is a problem with a site or a preceptor, the student shall immediately contact the Director of Clinical Education either via: 

  • the mid-rotation questionnaire designed to evaluate potential concerns, or
  • phone (if emergent) or email if non-emergent

The Director of Clinical Education will contact the student for additional information and enact protocols to further evaluate the site and/or preceptor.