Definition of the Preceptor-Student Relationship

The preceptor is an integral part of the teaching program. Preceptors will serve as role models for the student and, through guidance and teaching, will help students perfect skills in history-taking, physical examination, effective communication, physical diagnosis, succinct recording and reporting, problem assessment, and plan development, including a logical approach to further studies and therapy. The preceptor should maintain a professional relationship with the PA student and always adhere to appropriate professional boundaries. Social activities and personal relationships outside of the professional learning environment should be appropriate and carefully selected so as not to put the student or preceptor in a compromising situation. Contact through web-based social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) should be avoided until the student fully matriculates through the educational program. If the preceptor and student have an existing personal relationship prior to the start of the rotation, a professional relationship must be maintained at all times in the clinical setting.