Dress Code

The PA Program dress code has been designed to assist students in presenting a professional appearance in order to inspire confidence in both colleagues and patients, as well as to comply with health and safety standards that promote effective patient care and minimize the possibilities for body fluid exposure or the spread of infectious disease. Students should maintain a professional appearance and dress appropriately whenever they are representing RVU and the PA profession in any setting. This includes the campus, all clinical sites, meetings, conferences, and special events. Being neatly dressed and well-groomed exemplifies professionalism and courtesy toward colleagues and patients. Attire should not distract from the educational effort.

Each course syllabus may outline specific requirements and dress code exceptions/expectations for the particular course. Students are to adhere to course-specific requirements in the event they conflict with University or Program requirements. For example, if a professor requires students to wear professional attire for a certain skills class rather than scrubs, professional attire must be worn. Dress code requirements of any clinical site override the University or Program dress code.

RVU Students must follow the following dress code requirements while on campus during business hours (typically 8am – 5 pm).