Failure of a Course

When a student incurs a failing grade, the SAPC reviews that student’s entire academic record in detail and may impose remedial action as described in the “Student Remediation” section. 

Receipt of a failing grade, regardless of course, or reasoning (knowledge, skills, behavior) will result in a change in academic standing to "Academic Probation". Academic Probation will remain in place until the learner has successfully completed remediation and reassessment requirements as outlined by the SAPC. Academic Probation may be reportable to professional credentialing bodies, if asked.

A failed course can only be repeated or remediated one (1) time.  The student cannot retake a course for a third time, nor can a student re-remediate any failed course. Therefore, a second failure, after either repeating a course or in remediation of a course, will result in dismissal.

Decisions about remediation and promotion will be made in consideration of multiple factors (refer to Figure 1"SAPC Review Process"), including but not limited to:

  • The number of courses failed in a given semester;
    • e.g.  ≥2 course failures in a single semester
  • The number of competencies in which expectations were not met as outlined in the course syllabi;
    • e.g. multiple competencies unmet in more than 1 course
  • The types of competencies requiring remediation;
    • e.g. knowledge deficits vs. skill or behavioral deficits
  • Professionalism concerns;
    • e.g., documented discussions around expected behaviors
  • The learner’s ability to proactively seek out resources. 
    • e.g. consulting with course director(s), meeting with faculty advisors, seeking a tutor, if needed

If a student is “at risk” for failing a course/competency, the course director(s) and SAPC will notify the student at least one (1) time during each semester. Notification will include recommended and/or required activities designed to promote success.