Immunizations, Screenings, and Titers

All students are required to remain current on all immunizations, screenings, and titers per current Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations for health professionals. Current recommendations can be found on the CDC website. If a clinical rotation site requires additional immunizations, screenings, or titers, students will be required to obtain them at their own cost and provide proof of same, in writing, to the Program directly. Additionally, in the event a student attends a Supervised Clinical Practice Experience (SCPE) at an international location, they are required to remain current on all immunizations, screenings, titers, and written policies per current CDC recommendations for health professionals, for the locations at which they are participating in the clinical experience. Current international recommendations can be found on the CDC website.

Students must submit proof of current immunization, screening, and titer compliance to the Program in writing prior to matriculation and prior to the start of the clinical rotation year. Students must be prepared to prove current compliance at any additional time, should the Program request it. Students are responsible for maintaining and updating their immunization, screening, and titer status at all times. Failure to maintain any immunization, screening, or titer requirement will result in immediate removal from all educational activities, including didactic courses and clinical rotations, until the student becomes current.

Any student who misses any portion of a SCPE because of incomplete or out-of-date immunizations, screenings, or titers may receive a failing grade for the rotation.

Any student who requests an exemption to any immunization, screening, and titer requirement due to a medical contraindication or religious mandate must contact the Program in writing immediately upon acceptance into the Program, or immediately upon learning of a new medical contraindication. The request for exemption must include the reason(s) for the request and any applicable supporting documentation. If the request for exemption is approved, the student will be permitted to matriculate; however, the student may not be able to participate in all required educational activities, and the student will be required to acknowledge that not all educational activities or SCPE sites may be available to them. This may result in a delayed graduation.

Clinical sites maintain their own regulations and policies regarding immunizations, screenings, and titers, as well as any potential exemptions. Students are expected to maintain compliance with the clinical site requirements at all times. If a student is unable to maintain compliance with site requirements due to medical contraindications or religious reasons, the student is responsible for immediately notifying the clinical site and the Program, as indicated above.


Requests for exemptions may be granted under certain circumstances. Students not receiving vaccination due to an approved exemption must still comply with any vaccination policy of each clinical site. 

Medical: Documentation from student’s primary healthcare provider is required. For example, a severe, life-threatening allergy to eggs or other components of influenza vaccine is a contraindication for flu vaccination. 

Religious: Exemptions for religious belief will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A written request and explanation are required.

TB Clearance

Per University policies and procedures in addition to clinical site requirements, students are required to have their TB status checked yearly.