The clinical portion of the Program is designed to expose the student to patients in a variety of clinical settings. The setting, assigned tasks, and schedule will vary depending on the site. Clinical experiences will average approximately 40 hours/week on site, in patient-related care. Some clinical experiences may involve slightly shorter (no less than 32 hours/week) or longer hours (no more than 80 hours/week), evening, holiday, weekend, or on-call responsibilities. The preceptor will determine the student’s on-site schedule and clinical responsibilities. Students must adhere to each clinical experience schedule and to all assignments developed by the preceptor. If this is not possible in any given week at a specific clinical site, the student is to notify the clinical team in advance. Patient-related care includes evaluating and treating patients, charting and appropriate paperwork (written or electronic), case presentations, discussions with the preceptor, and other duties as applicable.

See specific course syllabi for objectives and goals for each rotation.