Requests for Leave of Absence

All program learning sessions, didactic and clinical, are mandatory as they are designed and sequenced to build competency. Students experiencing significant or unforeseen life circumstances may apply for a leave of absence (LOA).

Requesting a LOA

All requests for LOAs, whether didactic or clinical, must be submitted via the student iNet ( portal > Student Forms > RVU PA Leave of Absence Request Form. The form will be auto-routed to the Student Assessment and Promotions Committee (SAPC) for review. As part of the form, the student acknowledges and accepts that they may have additional costs associated with the LOA if it takes place after the designated drop/add period. Additionally, the student may be placed on extended program, resulting in delayed graduation.  This is due to factors including, but not limited to clinical site availability and summative examination scheduling. 

The chair of the SAPC may grant a presumptive LOA on behalf of a student who is incapacitated or otherwise physically unable to submit a request for a LOA.