Student Dismissal

Determinations of student dismissal may be recommended to the Program Director when the student is unlikely to successfully complete program requirements. 

  • a failed remediation of a course,
  • more than one course failure after a period of deceleration,
  • a breach of required sanctions, or
  • as part of disciplinary proceedings.

Examples of when the determination of Dismissal may be recommended include, but are not limited to:

    • The student unsuccessfully completes remediation with or without progression;
    • The student receives ≥ 2 failing grades subsequent to completing remediation with or without progression;
    • The student violates conditions of “at risk”, remediation, or disciplinary sanctions;
    • The student can no longer meet the technical standards;
    • The basis of the failure is a serious breach of professionalism such that it violates the program’s “Safe Practice” policy (Appendix V) and the student is deemed unfit to practice
  • Students considered unfit to practice will be immediately removed from the didactic or clinical setting until such time as a determination can be rendered regarding continuation in the program.
  • "Unfit to practice" includes actions that indicate:
  • A direct threat is imminent and severe;
  • The student’s physical or mental health increases the probability of an adverse effect on oneself, a peer, or a member of the public;
  • Actions that are dishonest, unethical, or considered egregious.

Generally, students with one deficient grade in an academic year are not dismissed.

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