Student Responsibilities/Expectations

The following is a list of responsibilities to which the student must adhere during their participation in SCPEs. These are in conjunction with or in addition to student expectations covered elsewhere in this RVU Student Handbook and Catalog:

  • The student will conduct oneself in a courteous, respectful, and professional manner at all times. 
  • The student will wear proper identification as an RVU PA Student while on campus and while participating in Program-assigned clinical experiences. 
  • The student will be conscientious and accountable. 
  • The student will be responsible for taking an active role in their clinical education. 
  • The student will demonstrate awareness of professional limitations and will only perform activities assigned by and under the supervision of their preceptor. 
  • On the first day of the clinical experience, the student will discuss educational goals with the preceptor and review clinical experience objectives and evaluation form with the preceptor. 
  • The student will follow the rules and regulations of the hospital or other institutions in which they work and agrees to complete any additional training and/or testing required by the facilities. The student will comply with requests for information needed for credentialing in clinical facilities. 
  • The student will complete all assignments (as assigned by RVU or preceptor(s)) and submit site and preceptor evaluations to the RVU PA Program by stated deadlines. 
  • The student will be responsible for discussing the clinical evaluation form with their preceptor(s) for each clinical experience. 
  • The student will handle all confidential information in a professional and ethical manner in accordance with all applicable federal and state regulations, including HIPAA laws. 
  • If a student is removed from a clinical experience either by the Program or at the request of a preceptor, the student must be available to meet in-person with the Program Director and/or the Student Assessment and Promotions Committee. 
  • Students are required to keep a timely and complete clinical log of every patient encounter The Program monitors these records using the electronic patient tracking system (i.e. Exxat).  
  • If a rotation requires that a student participate in supervised call time, the student is expected to do so.