Teach Out Policy

Should the University, an accrediting body, or the state or federal governments, decide to close the University or to terminate a program of study, each student, faculty, and staff member affected by the decision shall promptly be informed, in writing, of the decision. Unless otherwise notified, Human Resources policies regarding re-assignment or termination shall apply to all affected employees and staff.  All students affected by the closure or termination shall promptly be given an official letter outlining the University or program teach out plan. This plan shall include a list of the student’s outstanding requirements for course completion, the projected time period left for the student to complete the program, the proposed timeline and course schedule to complete the program, and any relevant financial ramifications for the student including, but not limited to, eligibility for continued financial aid, any pending refunds, and any anticipated additional expenses for the student.

Upon the decision to close the University or terminate a program, any and all new student recruitment and enrollment for the closed University or terminated program shall cease immediately. All outstanding offers for incoming, non-matriculated students shall be immediately withdrawn and all marketing and recruitment materials shall be canceled or recalled.  Any students who have been accepted to the closed University or terminated program, but who have not yet matriculated, shall be given a full refund of all monies paid to the program in accordance with federal and state laws. 

Immediately upon being notified of the decision to close the University or to terminate a program, the appropriate Dean, Chair or Program Director shall conduct an audit of each currently enrolled and affected student to determine all outstanding courses and course requirements required to allow every student to complete his or her program of study. The Dean, Chair or Program Director shall provide the University President with a timeline and schedule of courses that will allow all remaining students to complete their respective programs within a reasonable amount of time, and with minimal or no extra costs assessed to the students. This timeline shall include provisions for students who need to remediate or who otherwise fail to progress in a timely fashion during the teach out period, and it shall also state a specific end date when the last student will graduate and the University can officially close or the program can officially terminate. 

In the event appropriate course sequencing or timing will not allow all students to complete their programs within a reasonable time or without additional burdensome costs, the Dean, Chair or Program Director will be directed to establish appropriate independent or directed study courses to allow each student to complete their programs with the same quality of education as would have been received in a traditional course. The University shall ensure that all terminated programs are adequately and sufficiently staffed with faculty and support personnel to guarantee the successful and orderly teach out of all remaining students up through, and including, the final day of the University or program. In the event that it is determined the best way to offer program completion to each affected student would be to enter into a teach out agreement with another accredited University, the University shall assist each enrolled and affected student with the transfer of credits and enrollment into the partnering University, with as little additional expense to the students as possible. 

Rocky Vista University will abide by, and comply with, all teach out reporting and notification requirements mandated by the Higher Learning Commission, any and all relevant specialty accrediting bodies, and the state and federal governments.