Testing Policies and Procedures

The following are general procedures used for examinations: 

  • Most often*, exams will be taken via the ExamSoft assessment platform.
  • Proctoring will be at the discretion of the Course Director and may be administered by faculty.
  • Scheduled test times will be adhered to.
  • Exams will start and end as scheduled. 
  • Students are expected to take exams as scheduled.
        • Exceptions may be granted by the Course Director in the case of an emergency. 
  • Should a clinical exam need to be rescheduled, the student may be responsible for additional costs incurred due to the rescheduling. 
    • *In the event another platform is utilized for examinations students will be notified in advance.  

Administration of the PAEA End of Rotation and Summative Written examinations must be proctored, per PAEA requirements