EPA 3: Recommend and Interpret Common Diagnostic and Screening Tests


Patient Care (PC) 5: Select, justify, and interpret clinical tests and imaging.

Patient Care (PC) 7: Counsel and educate patients and their families.

Patient Care (PC) 9: Provide preventative healthcare services to patients, families, and communities.

Medical Knowledge (MK) 1: Demonstrate an investigatory and analytic approach to clinical situations.

Medical Knowledge (MK) 4: Apply principles of epidemiology to patients and populations.

Practice-Based Learning & Improvement (PBL) 7: Continually identify, analyze, and implement new knowledge, guidelines, standards, technologies, products, or services that have been demonstrated to improve outcomes.

Systems-Based Practice (SBP) 2: Incorporate considerations of cost awareness and risk benefit analysis in patient and/or population-based care.