EPA 6: Provide an Oral Presentation of a Clinical Encounter


Patient Care (PC) 2: Gather essential and accurate information about patients and their conditions through history-taking, physical examination, and review of the medical record.

  • PC 2.1 History-Taking
  • PC 2.2 Physical Examination
  • PC 2.3 Review of the Medical Record

Patient Care (PC) 5: Select, justify, and interpret clinical tests and imaging.

Practice-Based Learning & Improvement (PBL) 1: Identify strengths, deficiencies, and limits in one’s knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA).

Interpersonal and Communication Skills (ICS) 1: Communicate effectively with patients, families, and the public, from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills (ICS) 2: Communicate effectively with healthcare professionals as part of a healthcare team.

Professionalism (PRO) 1: Demonstrate behaviors that convey compassion, respect, integrity and empathy for others.

Professionalism (PRO) 3: Demonstrate respect for patient privacy. 

Professionalism (PRO) 4: Demonstrate respect for patient autonomy.

Personal and Professional Development (PPD) 3: Practice flexibility and maturity in adjusting to change.

Personal and Professional Development (PPD) 5: Demonstrates self-confidence that puts patients, families, and members of the healthcare team at ease.