EPA 8: Give or Receive a Patient Handover to Transition Care Responsibility


Patient Care (PC) 8: Provide appropriate referral of patients, including ensuring continuity of care.

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBL) 5: Incorporate feedback into daily practice.

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBL) 7: Continually identify, analyze, and implement new knowledge, guidelines, standards, technologies, products, or services that have been demonstrated to improve outcomes.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills (ICS) 2: Communicate effectively with healthcare professionals as part of a healthcare team.

Professionalism (PRO) 3: Demonstrate respect for patient privacy.

Professionalism (PRO) 4: Demonstrate respect for patient autonomy.

Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) 3: Participate effectively in different team roles to provide population- based and patient-centered care.