MSBS Program Director's Letter

The MSBS Program Director's Letter is a formal letter of evaluation issued by the Program Director that serves as an evaluation tool in the application process for professional training programs. At the end of each semester, the MSBS Faculty will submit evaluations of all MSBS students to the Program Director. Upon a student’s request, in writing, the evaluations are compiled into a committee letter and may be reviewed at the next MSBS Steering Committee meeting before submission. The letter summarizes the level of accomplishment a student has achieved during the MSBS program. This includes information regarding a student’s entry and progress through the program, the academic record, involvement in extracurricular activities, compliance with academic policies, demonstration of professionalism and ethical understanding, and comments from some or all of the MSBS Faculty. All students will be requested to sign a waiver of access to the Program Director's Letter. 

The MSBS Steering Committee and/or Program Director reserves the right to decline a student’s request for a letter of evaluation.