Comprehensive Final Exam

There will be a comprehensive final exam at the end of the program, which will include material from all courses in the program and will assess mastery of previously discussed concepts. The comprehensive final exam will not be factored into the student's overall GPA. The student must pass this exam with a 70% or higher to graduate. If a student does not pass this exam, they will meet with the MSBS Student Performance Committee (SPC), which will make a recommendation to the Program Director, who will make the final decision on an appropriate course of action. If remediation exams and/or remediation assignments are offered, creation will be up to the discretion of individual course directors, the SPC, and/or MSBS Program Director. If a student needs to remediate or repeat coursework, they will still be required to take the comprehensive exam at the end of the Spring, but only the portion of the exam that corresponds to the courses they have completed successfully; the comprehensive exam section that corresponds to the remediated/repeated course(s) may be administered at a later date upon successful completion of the remediated/completed course(s). Format of the comprehensive exam may be changed at the discretion of the MSBS Curriculum and Assessment Committee or the Program Director.