Students may request an incomplete in one or more courses based on significant extenuating personal circumstances that prevent the student from completing the last assignments/exams in a course on schedule. Incomplete grades are not awarded for poor academic performance or as a way of extending assignment deadlines. Requests are submitted to the MSBS program director. The MSBS program director may or may not grant this request. Students who request an incomplete in a course must be passing the course in all work completed at the time the request is made. Incompletes may be granted for courses in which the student is not passing if the MSBS program director determines there are extenuating circumstances that warrant assigning an incomplete to the student. When an instructor assigns an “IN," the Program Director or course director shall specify in writing the requirements the student shall fulfill to complete the course as well as the reasons for granting an “IN” when the student is not passing the course. Individual course directors will work with students who have an approved incomplete in their course to develop a plan to make up missed assignments/exams. An appropriate deadline for completing all work and resolution of the incomplete grade will be determined when the incomplete is granted.  This deadline will be provided to the student in writing (email) by the MSBS program director. All work not completed by this deadline will be scored as a “0,” and final course grades will be calculated accordingly.  Incompletes must be resolved within four (4) weeks of the end of the following semester unless otherwise approved by the program director.