MSBS Student Policies Regarding Application and Admission to RVU Programs

(Applicable to the 2023-2024 academic year and subject to change for subsequent matriculating years.)

College of Osteopathic Medicine

MSBS students interested in applying to RVUCOM (Colorado or Utah location) will be evaluated by the MSBS faculty at the conclusion of each semester. A recommendation to the COM Admissions Committee will be made regarding the student’s academic aptitude for success in the COM and suitability to advance the mission and vision of RVUCOM. MSBS students recommended by the faculty of the MSBS Program will be evaluated by the RVUCOM Admissions Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Dean who will make the final decision regarding acceptance. Matriculation to the COM is contingent upon successful completion of the MSBS Program and all graduation requirements. RVU does not guarantee acceptance into any of its programs and will consider as many or as few MSBS students for admission as it deems appropriate.

Students recommended to the COM by the MSBS Program faculty will be required to submit an AACOMAS application prior to recommendation and will submit MSBS grades once the fall grades are posted. Candidates interested in RVUCOM’s program should start their AACOMAS application as soon as possible and submit, at the latest, by the fall Thanksgiving break. Recommended students may not be required to submit a supplemental application or interview for the RVUCOM. RVUCOM minimum GPA requirements and exam scores may be waived for students recommended by the program. Students considering programs outside RVU are encouraged to become familiar with the admissions standards of those programs to ensure requirements are met.

Students interested in applying to the RVUCOM (Colorado and/or Southern Utah location) will be given the opportunity to designate their preferences via the application.