Repeating of Courses

If a student does not pass all courses or achieve a 3.0 cumulative GPA for the program, up to three courses (up to 8 credit hours) may be repeated the following year to achieve the minimum 3.0 for graduation. If more than three courses (up to 8 credit hours) must be repeated, then the student must repeat an entire semester course-load or apply for an exception from the MSBS Program Director. Students will be charged full tuition for repeated coursework. Courses may only be repeated once.  A student who repeats courses may be deemed ineligible for the MSBS-COM Tier system. A student who takes a leave of absence and returns, or repeats an entire year, maintains tier eligibility.

If a student is directed to repeat a course, the grade for the repeated course will be recorded on the official transcript. The original grade received in a course will not count toward the student’s program GPA, but the original grade will continue to be included in the transcript.

If the cumulative grade point average remains below 3.00 after the student repeats designated courses, the student will not qualify for graduation and will again be referred to the MSBS-SPC. 

A course may not be repeated unless recommended by the MSBS Student Performance Committee and/or Program Director.