Withdrawing from a Course

Students may request withdrawal from a course for either academic or personal reasons. The request is submitted to the MSBS program director. Withdrawal from a course or the program must be requested no later than seven business days after the Block Exam 3 in any semester. Students may request withdrawal from a maximum of one individual course each semester. Students who perceive a need to withdraw from more than one course in a semester must request withdrawal from the entire semester (all courses). If approved, a course withdrawal will be shown on the student’s transcript as a “W” and no credit for the course toward completion of the MSBS program will be given. Students must repeat the entire course (assignments, exams, attendance etc.) in order to earn credit and graduate. Students are responsible for understanding all academic, tuition-related and financial aid-related implications for their requested withdrawal from a course. Realistic options for repeating the course should be carefully discussed with the program director, Student Affairs, and relevant faculty prior to submitting the request. Students who request withdrawing from an entire semester (see above) must also request a leave of absence in order to be able to return and repeat an entire semester.   Students who withdraw from the entire semester without receiving an approved leave of absence will be considered to have withdrawn from the MSBS program entirely and must reapply for admission