Privacy of University Communications

There is no expectation of privacy of information stored on or sent through University-owned information services, resources, and communications infrastructure. FERPA regulations are followed in regard to student records. 

The University reserves the right to preserve or inspect any information transmitted through or stored in its computers, including e-mail communications and individual login sessions without notice when: 

  • there is reasonable cause to believe the user has violated or is violating University guidelines or procedures;  
  • an account appears to be engaged in unusual or excessive activity;  
  • it is necessary to do so to protect the integrity, security, or functionality of the University‚Äôs information technology resources or to protect the University from liability; and/or  
  • it is otherwise permitted or required by policy or law. 

The University is not liable for the loss or misappropriation of any private or personal information that may be stored on University resources.