OM 1003: Cardiovascular System I

Class Program
Credits 3

The Cardiovascular System I course is an intensive, multidisciplinary course structured with the goal of directing the student to obtain the foundation necessary to examine the normal structure and function of the cardiovascular system and determine where a deviation from normal exists when presented with patient scenarios. It is designed to provide the student with an overview of the cardiovascular system, including the biomedical science that underlies disorders of the heart and circulatory system. The method of content delivery for this course includes a diverse range of educational approaches: traditional lecture (AUDITORIUM or ZOOM LECT), pre‐recorded video lectures which students can work through independently at an individualized pace (VIDEO LECT), gross anatomy cadaver dissection, Basic Science Correlation (AUDITORIUM or ZOOM BSC) application sessions, and flipped classroom application sessions where students engage collaborate with peers to solve physiologic application problems in a small‐group format via breakout rooms (ZOOM FLIP).