OM 1021: Renal System I

Class Program
Credits 2

The Renal System I Course utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to prepare students with a foundational understanding of the normal structure and function of the renal system. In addition to instruction relating to the basic functional principles of the organs of urine production and excretion, this course integrates relevant clinical correlations illustrating renal dysfunction leading to disease. Disciplines include immunology, gross anatomy, histology, and embryology of the kidney and urinary tract, with a thorough investigation of the essential physiology of kidney function involving the primary renal processes, urine formation, and renal blood flow. In addition, the renal system’s role in ion regulation, acid-base balance, fluid volume, and saltwater balance will be examined along with the regulatory control mechanisms of these functions. An understanding of the renal system will be accomplished through student involvement in lectures, directed student assignments, and clinical interactive sessions.