OM 1070: Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine

Class Program
Credits 1

The role of Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) is to foster students’ information literacy and develop understanding of evidence-based medicine in order to leverage, create, use, and connect information to patient scenarios. The course is organized around the five elements of evidence-based medicine: ASK, ACQUIRE, APPRAISE, APPLY, ASSESS. Each of those components will be explored in depth to increase the awareness, understanding, and skills of the students. 

 EBM is a semester-long course that encourages information literacy and evidence-based practice and enables student doctors to access, evaluate, and present medical information. Designated student assignments and clinical integration sessions introduce standards, resources, and strategies for understanding and presenting clinical cases.

 The course will be arranged with prerecorded sessions alternating with live sessions to scaffold the content from introduction and foundation, through application.